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Ashford Dyslexia Centre
Mayor of Ashford visits Ashford Dyslexia Centre - November 2011 Matthew French, Mayor of Ashford, himself dyslexic, spent time with children attending classes at the centre. The Mayor was introduced to the children by founder and specialist tutor, Betty Martindale. Cllr French gave an inspirational speech to the children, parents and teaching staff at the centre and advised the children to never give up. He went on to give examples of how he had overcome the academic challenges which come with dyslexia. The mayor said: “It was a delight to have the opportunity to visit Ashford Dyslexia Centre. As someone who has and continues to suffer from dyslexia, a centre like this gives young people that added advantage to help them combat this frustrating difficulty, which affects more people than we realise. I also hope that my visit was living proof to the youngsters that you can achieve great things, you just have to try that little bit harder than most”. After the speech the mayor stayed to chat with the children and answer their questions - a common one being “how heavy is your chain?”