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Dyslexia is best described as a combination of abilities and language difficulties which affect the learning process in one or more of reading, spelling, writing and sometimes numeracy. Accompanying weaknesses may be identified in areas of speed of processing, short-term memory, sequencing, auditory perception, visual perception, spoken language and fine or gross motor skills. Some dyslexic people have outstanding creative skills, others have strong oral skills. Dyslexia can occur at any level of intellectual ability, despite conventional teaching.
Dyslexia What is it? What are the signs
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Appears bright but has a ‘block’ in some things. Difficulty in carrying out instructions. Often writes figures or letters the wrong way round eg. b for d, u for n, was for saw, 6 for 9. Can answer questions orally but has difficulty in writing answers. Short concentration span for reading and writing. Spells a word in several different ways (even in the same piece of work).
Signs - You may notice some of the following:
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