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  Here at Ashford Dyslexia Centre (ADC) we understand how frustrating dyslexia can be and we aim to provide a support structure for students, children and parents to help them have a better understanding of dyslexia and provide ‘coping’ strategies to enable the student reach their full potential. Services we provide include: One-to-one tuition Language and literacy skills Study skills Diagnostic assessments Presentations to organisations Workshops Workplace consultancy
Ashford Dyslexia Centre Providing tools to maximise potential
Ashford Dyslexia Centre
Dyslexia - a difficulty with words Dyslexia is a language-based difficulty which may result in problems with reading, spelling and written or spoken language, organisational skills. Short term visual or auditory memory may also be affected. It can occur at any level of intellectual ability and despite adequate learning opportunities. Frequently Dyslexic people are gifted ‘visual thinkers’ with good creative abilities, hence the many famous and successful dyslexic people.
Betty Martindale